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What is car jockey insurance?

Car jockey insurance is a form of motor trade insurance specifically designed for people moving, storing or parking others vehicles, this is known as having custody or control. This can include individuals moving cars between car dealerships.

The nature of parking businesses means there are other liabilities that need to considered as the business could be held accountable. For example if a car is damaged when parked, the business would be responsible for this damage unless stated in the car parking business’ T&C’s.

Car Jock Insurance Suitable Businesses

  • Valet parking (night clubs, restaurants, hotels, theatres, casino etc.)
  • Events such as wedding venues and festivals
  • Airport car parking services
  • Ferry terminal parking
  • Car valeting businesses

Car jockey insurance components and add ons

Car jockey insurance is primarily a motor trade insurance policy, however differentiating from other motor trade policies, car jockey insurance is tailored to the needs of the business. Insurance may include:

Road Risk Car Jockey Insurance

Road risk insurance will cover a car jockey when driving a customer vehicle on the road. Road risk has three levels of cover, comprehensive, ‘third-party, fire and theft’ and ‘third-party only’, more can be found out about road risk insurance here.

Static Parking Risk

Parked cars will be covered under static parking risk vehicles may be protected against malicious damage such as ‘keying’.

Employees Liability

Employee liability insurance will cover your car jockeys as well as office staff. To financially insure your employees against illness, death and injury an employee liability insurance is required by law. By employing a single employee you need £5M cover. The fine for not having employee liability insurance is £2.5K for everyday without cover.

Public Liability Insurance

To cover your businesses liability if a member of the public is injured or their property damaged, public liability insurance is required. Public liability isn’t a legal requirement.

Tools & Equipment

Car parking services also sometimes provide car valeting services, which can be covered with a tools insurance component of your insurance policy.

Single & Multiple Business Premises

Franchises may need multiple businesses premises while boutique services may have a single business premises. Whatever your business premises, our advisors will be able to provide you with a quote for your policy amount.

Personal Vehicles And Domestic Use

By default motor trade polices do not cover personal vehicles for personal use, however by informing our brokers you would like personal car or van insurance, they are able to add this onto your policy.

Levels of Cover

Third Party

Third party will cover damage cover to a third parties property which is not the vehicle being handled by the car jockey.

Split Indemnity

Split indemnity will cover half the cost of a claim. The indemnity pay out is split between the policy holder and the insurance claims company.


Covering a car jockey against all potentially issues to the highest level would be a comprehensive cover.

How To Get Cheap Car Jockey Insurance

Years trading

Simply, the longer you offer a car jockey service, the cheaper the insurance gets, as more experienced businesses are less likely to have accidents.

No claims discount

Acquiring a strong no claims bonus is another great way to reduce your premiums. If you have a personal use car or van, this may make you eligible for a discount.

Being Under 25

Under 25’s are statistically more likely to have an accident. If you only employee car jockeys over 25 you are likely to be rewarded with a cheaper car jockey insurance policy price. Businesses should ensure there insurance will cover them before employee any car jockey under the age of 23.

Types of Vehicles Parked

Some parking businesses may only ever park certain vehicles due to car parking height restrictions. If you know you will not park lorries, HGV’s or vans, you should get a policy to reflect this as it will reduce your premium.

Level of Security At Your Premises

Depending how secure you car parking location is, will have an affect on your insurance policy. Simple improvements can be to install CCTV and or having lockable gates.

Location of Business Premises

Like with many insurance policies, location will affect the policy’s cost as areas with higher rates of crimes or claims will be more expensive.

Paying in advance

Paying for a whole years cover rather than monthly or quarterly is likely save some money on your renewal price.

Shopping Around Before Your Motor Trade Insurance Renewal

The earlier you look for a renewal price, the more likely you will receive a better quote from the underwriter. Looking around earlier than 30 days will likely mean some insurers will not provide a quote.