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About Courier Insurance

Courier insurance covers individuals and businesses if a driver has an accident when behind the wheel when delivering goods in transit. Different types of delivery come with various risks and prices to match. We’ll ensure you don’t overpay for your courier insurance policy.

What is courier insurance?

Courier insurance covers vehicles making multiple pick-ups or drop-offs. Courier insurance policies cover drivers and vehicles against damage to the vehicle, third party vehicle cover and sometimes the parcels themselves. The cover may be vehicle and driver-specific or across a range of employees and vehicles. HGV’s can also make courier deliveries, however they are generally used for longer distances and may require a HGV insurance policy quote rather than a courier insurance quote if the vehicle is a haulage motor.

What does courier insurance cover?

Accidental Damage

If a vehicle or driver accidentally damages another’s property (including vehicle) this likely to be covered in your courier insurance policy. To cover your own vehicles, you will need to make sure your business has first party damage cover.

Parcel Cover

When delivering goods, there is a possibility that good will be damaged or lost in transit, parcel cover will cover goods in this instance.

Types of couriers we can get quotes for:

  • Amazon delivery couriers
  • Bike couriers
  • Car couriers
  • Fast food couriers
  • Van couriers

How to reduce the cost of your courier insurance premium

Be truthful when filling in the quote form

When getting a courier insurance policy, make sure you have all your details and they are correct. If you provide false details or misleading information we may won’t be able to match you with the best broker for your needs.

Have a no claims discount

If you have 0 years no claims this does limit the amount of deals in the market and will cause your insurance to be more expensive compared to having 5 years no claims bonus.

Being Over 21

Drivers under 21 who drive for work are statistically more likely to have a an accident on the road than those who are older which is why it can be expensive to be a courier under the age of 21 and even 25.

Make sure you only have current in use vehicles on the policy

Insuring multiple vehicles on one policy is known as a fleet policy and it will usually be cheaper to insure multiple vehicles under one policy compared to many individual policies, however the more cars, vans and bikes you have on a courier fleet policy, the more expensive it will be. Make sure you only have cover for vehicles in use and that are road worthy.

Have a smaller vehicle

Larger vehicles can do more damage if there were in an accident hence vehicles such as vans and trucks can be more expensive to insure compared to a bike.

Shopping around 30 days before renewal

The earlier you look for a renewal price, the more likely you are to receive a better quote from the underwriter. Looking around earlier than 30 days will likely mean some insurers will not provided a quote.


Does my business need courier insurance?

Your business will need courier insurance if you deliver good via van, car or bike. If you deliver your goods via a lorry or HGV, you may be better suited to a Good In Transit or HGV policy.

Is courier insurance compulsory by law in the UK?

To drive on the roads of the United Kingdom, you must have the minimum of third party courier vehicle insurance. If you drive on the roads and your policy does not cover you for couriering then this would be illegal. If you do not have courier insurance, are delivering goods and have an accident, it is likely your insurance policy will not cover you.

Can I drive in Europe with my courier policy?

It is possible to drive in Europe (including Norther Ireland) with a courier policy, however it is important to let your broker know if you will be driving the vehicle out of the UK.

How much extra is courier insurance?

Van couriers can expect there policy to be anywhere from £400 more expensive per year to thousands of pounds. Car couriers can expect a minimum of £250 extra on a domestic car insurance policy, this is generally due to the mileage expected as well as increased risk of accident. Courier insurance generally starts at £800

How does courier insurance work?

Courier insurance is designed for vans, cars and bikes who will picking up and/or dropping off multiple parcels in a limited area. It can cover the vehicle and goods being couriered, however courier vehicle insurance is required by law to be a courier in the UK.

Why is courier insurance so expensive?

Courier insurance is more expensive than personal lines of motor insurance due to the long hours spent on the road and the higher risk associated to driving in areas potentially with higher accident rates than your home address.



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