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Motorhome insurance covers motorhomes for leisure purposes.

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What is motorhome insurance?

Motorhome insurance is the insuring of motorhome vehicles. We’ll get you an
affordable quote for any motorhome regardless if it is a retro VW campervan,
affordable motorhome trailer, a converted van or a luxurious RV.

Motorhome insurance policies are designed for domestic, pleasure use and
usually with limited mileage. Anyone who owns the correct license can obtain a
motorhome policy to fit their needs.

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What will affect the cost of my motorhome policy?


Anyone, in theory, can get a motorhome or campervan insurance policy. Individuals aged below 25 or over 89 will find a significant price increase compared to being within the ages of 25-89.

Storage Of The Vehicle

Your address can be a large factor of the insurance as it is likely to be stationary most of the time. Where you store the vehicle, will affect the cost of the policy. The more secure the vehicle’s storage location, the cheaper the policy will be. The options for storing your motor home is:

  • Carport
  • Public road
  • Garage
  • Parked on drive
  • Private property
  • Car park
  • Locked building
  • Locked compound
  • Kept on third party
  • Unlocked building
  • Unlocked compound

Previous claims

Like with any motor policy, claims in the last five years will affect your policy. Some insurers will only look at the previous three years, but having a clean licence with no claims or convictions will reduce your policy amount.

Driving experience

The longer you’ve been driving, the more you’ll be able to save on your policy. If you have motorhome experience too, this can be extra advantageous. While having previous motorhome driving experience isn’t essential, it will considerably reduce your monthly policy amount.

Make and Model

The make, model, and estimated value for your motorhome will inevitably have a bearing on your insurance price. Providing your broker with the incorrect make and model will invalidate your insurance in event of a claim.

Expected annual milage

The lower your expected annual miles a motor vehicle, the cheaper your policy is likely to be. This is due to there being less chance of you having an accident when driving. When getting a quote, make sure you’re as lean as possible with your estimate.

Access To Additional Vehicles

By having access to additional drivers, you are less likely to use the motorhome for non-leisure activities, and as a result, the risk of an accident is less.

Additional Drivers

Adding additional drivers to a policy can cause the policy to increase or decrease. The fluctuation in price will reflect the expected risk of the additional driver. If statistically, the additional driver is less likely to have a claim, they will reduce the policy amount, however, if they are more likely to claim based on their information, it can cause the insurances policy to increase.

Shopping around 30 days before renewal

Ensuring you get a quote 30 days before renewal ensures you are getting access to all the sections available in the market as some insurers will not provide a quote for more than 30 days before renewal.

What does motorhome insurance include?

Motorhome Replacement

If your motorhome is a write off as a result of a claim made against or by you, a comprehensive policy is likely to cover you for a replacement motorhome of a similar value. The insurer is likely to pay you the money to source a similar vehicle.

Hire Car or Onwards Taxi Travel

When involved in an accident, the insurance company may pay for you to hire a courtesy car to return home or pay for an onwards taxi fare to your destination.

Accident Recovery

If your motorhome or camper is in an accident, it can be expensive to recover the vehicle, making it usually involved in your policy. It is worth noting if you have an accident and do not claim you may be responsible for this cost. If you have a non-accident breakdown, this will not cover you, so you will need to have breakdown cover to ensure you are fully protected.

Window & Windscreen Cover

Some insurers offer unlimited window and windscreen cover on motorhomes. If the unlimited cover is something you are interested in, please let the broker know once they have got in touch.

Storm & Flood Damage

Being on the road in your camper can bring delightful, unexpected experiences. Still, on the odd occasion, the weather causes harm to your motor, your insurer will cover you against storm & flood damage. With storm and flood damage, it may not protect you against natural disasters.

Vandalism & Malicious Damage Cover

‘Keying’ of a vehicle is often not included in the policy, just like having tyres slashed is not included.

Awnings & Generator Cover

Most insurers will cover awning and generators as part of the insurance policy but like all the specifics of your policy, check this with your broker.

Personal Effects & Contents

Most insurers will cover awning and generators as part of the insurance policy but like all the specifics of your policy, check this with your broker. Personal effects damaged or stolen from the vehicle due to an accident or forced break in your belongings will be covered. However, if there is anything valuable, check if home contents cover these items and a maximum single item coverage on either policy.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover is optional for many policies but will cover you against the unforeseen breakdowns and is recommended for older vehicles and when traveling with your vehicle to the EU or further.

Legal Protection

Legal protection will cover you against legal fees incurred if your claim ends up going to court. Legal cover is sometimes part of the standard policy or can be an add on.

What is not included in motorhome insurance?

Wear and tear

Under any policy, fading due to sun damage, leather cracking, lamps and lenses wear or breaking over time, mechanical conditions, dents, and scratches resulting from not having an accident are seen as fair usage and excluded from cover. Carpets & upholstery, fixtures and fittings, undergear would all also be seen as ‘fair wear and tear’ and is not included in your policy.

Mildew or Mould

Having a motorhome can be very glamourous. When it is not in use, less glamourous sat out in the cold, getting damp and attracting mildew or mould to grow. Your insurance would not cover you against mildew or mould.

Unforced Entry

Leaving the keys in the ignition or your van unlocked will more than likely invalidate your policy if there was any damages or theft resulting from this.

Damages Incurred By A Driver Without The Appropriate License

It is vital for your license, and any third-party drivers to include your vehicle’s size and weight. Without the right licence, you will be liable for an accident’s costs or any damages incurred. Driving without the correct license could also lead to criminal charges against the driver.

Some tyre damage

You’re not protected from damage to tyres by braking or by punctures, cuts or bursts in any motorhome insurance policy.

Animal Infestation

Insurers will not pay for motorhomes damaged by rodents, birds or insects. It is sporadic for companies to protect you against animal infestation or damage.

Trade or Professional Use

Traders of motorhomes (buying and selling), are better suited with a motor trade policy.

Permanent Residence

There is a minimal number of insurers that will insure full-time motor home livers. It is not impossible, just make sure you let your broker know!

Motorhome Policy Types

Level of Cover

The minimum level of cover is third party vehicle cover for any vehicle driving on UK roads by law. With motorhome being such an important part of many peoples lives, we recommend getting comprehensive cover just in case of the worst.

Third Party Motorhome Insurance

Third-party will cover the cost of property that does not belong to the driver (e.g. cost of road repairs, damage to a person’s house or car) if you have an accident. It will not cover your vehicle against the cost of repairs.

Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT) Motorhome Insurance

To cover your vehicle against damages caused when stolen or if it is maliciously or accidentally set fire to a third party, fire & theft policy will protect you.

Fully Comprehensive Motorhome Insurance

The most expensive policy is fully comprehensive, however well worth it, especially with motorhomes often being more than £10,000. Fully comprehensive will cover you against third-party, fire and theft in addition to fully protecting your motorhome in a fault accident.


Having a breakdown cover for your motorhome is a must, anyone who has owned a motorhome knows how a breakdown can strain the trip if you don’t have breakdown cover.

How to reduce the cost of your policy

It is vital that all the provided information to brokers is correct and
could lead to your policy being void. By giving the brokers the right data,
they will ensure you gain the best deal.

How much does it cost to insure a motorhome in the uk?

To insure a motorhome in the UK it can cost as little as £250 per year for third party only insurance. Third party is required by law to drive a motorhome and is the cheapest level of cover.

Is motorhome insurance cheaper than van insurance?

Motorhome insurance is perceived cheaper than van insurance due to the lower mileage. Motorhomes are likely to be on road at less busy times than vans too which has resulted in statically less claims and lower premiums historically.

What insurance do I need for a motorhome?

To drive a motorhome on UK roads road risk insurance is required by law. Other types of insurance such as breakdown is heavily recommended too.