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Mechanic insurance is specifically designed to combine all a mechanics needs to ensure mechanics can simply manage insurance under one policy.

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What is Mechanics Insurance?

Mechanics insurance is a type of motor trade policy, suitable for anyone who works on cars to either restore, fix or service vehicles.

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Mechanics Insurance Policy Types

Mechanics Road Risks Insurance

Legally, in the UK, mechanics need road risk insurance to drive a car in their custody or care, not the business. Mobile mechanics can benefit from a road risk only policy compared to mechanics with premises that will require a combined policy.

Mechanics Tools Cover

A toolbox can cost over £1000, as costly expense if stolen. Insure all your portable tools for a small additional cost to your insurance. Insurance includes theft, accidental damage, theft and fire. For example, if your van were forcefully broken into, your insurance company would pay for you to replace all your tools. They will likely replace ‘new for old’, which means you would get new tools for everything stolen.

Mechanical Machine Cover

Mechanics use machines such as brake lathes, strut compressors, air-con machines, hydronic floor presses and tyre changes. Machine cover can cover businesses against user operating error and electrical or mechanical fault. Some of this mechanical machinery is costly for any size mechanics meaning businesses probably don’t want to pay twice. With mechanical machine cover, you can ensure you’ll always have the machines you need to be a mechanic.

Mechanics Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance would cover a mechanics business if a member of the public became injured or their property damaged due to your mechanic work. For example, if a customer was walking through the garage and slipped on spilt oil, they may try to sue. Public liability insurance would cover the legal expenses and compensation.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers liability insurance covers injury, accident and death to employee. Due to the potential risks of unknown effects of chemicals used in todays cars and the high risk of injury if a mistake happened, we recommend mechanics consider employers liability.  

Service Indemnity Cover

Service indemnity covers damaged incurred to the vehicle worked on. For example, if a car went in for a service at a mechanics garage and then later had an accident due to an error when fixing the car, service indemnity would cover this.

Split indemnity policies are also available. Split indemnity is where the business pays half the claim as well as the insurer. This is usually cheaper than a fully comp policy.

Mechanic Garage Premises Insurance

Property insurance will cover the property’s building and contents. Potentially vehicles kept overnight may also be covered against damage, theft & fire.


What insurance do mechanics need?

Mechanics need road risk mechanics motor trader insurance. This covers the mechanic when driving the customer’s cars. Other policy types such as service indemnity, employee liability.

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