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About Body Shop Insurance

Body shop insurance is a type motor trade insurance cover business that repair vehicle bodies. Repairs range from scratch removal to resprays or alley refurbishments. Vehicles worked is usually varied covering including bikes, lorries, vans, cars and more.

Body shop insurance policies are also likely to cover public liability insurance and employee liability. Underwriters will insure these polices separately and sometimes work out cheaper this way. 

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What Is Body Shop Insurance?

Body shop insurance will cover vehicles whilst in care or custody for the business. For any additional cover such as cover for when working on the car there is a need for public liability insurance.

If you are unsure one of our helpful advisors can help you decide what policy you need.

Things That Affect Your Body Shop Insurance Policy

Years trading as a body shop

New body shop garages are higher risk than long standing body shops hence the insurance is more for the body.

No claims discount

If you have no claims you prove to the underwriter you have a strong track record of not having accidents or making mistakes.

Being Under 25

By having only those over 25 on your body shop garage motor trade policy it will considerably reduce premiums. You are still able to employee under 25’s but for the best savings opt for them to be unable to drive the cars.

Types of vehicles you work with

It can be hard to know exactly what vehicles you will work on, however if you know you will only ever work on a limited variety of vehicles you can get a cheaper policy by not having an ‘any vehicle’ policy.

Location of business premises

Location will have an affect on your policy rate. Pricing for locations is worked out on historical claims within an area and crime rates among other factors.

Paying for body shop insurance upfront

By paying a yearly fee instead of monthly instalments you could save your business £100’s.

Increasing voluntary excess

Providing a voluntary excess it gives an insurance underwriter confidence you are not wanting to claim.

Shopping around 30 days before renewal

By shopping around, you’ll ensure you get the best renewal price for yourbody shop garage. We suggest doing this 30 days before renewal, any longer than 30 days will result in not all underwriters providing you with a quote meaning you may miss out on the best deals.

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