How To Prove You’re A Legitimate Motor Trader

Decide if you are a motor trader or if you’re a business with a fleet of vehicles

Consider when you will be using the vehicles

If you are going to meetings, commuting or using the vehicles for domestic use, the vehicles are not valid for insurance under a motor trade policy and would be better insured under a fleet policy.

Count how many cars you sell or work on per month

Some insurers will only insure businesses and individuals who buy and sell or work on 2 or more cars or vehicles per month.

Work out if you need a full or part time policy

No matter if you are full or part time trader, you are eligible for a motor trade insurance. When getting a motor trade insurance policy, if you have another occupation there is the possibility of a having one insurance policy inclusive of this.

Collect Proof

Collate receipts and invoices

If you are a new motor trader, collate all receipts of anything you have brought as part of this new venture. If you are a more established traders car sales receipts or invoices for working on vehicles may also be accepted.

Prove your no claims bonus

As part of a motor trade policy, there is the opportunity for no claims bonus. If you have a personal car insurance policy, it is possible to gain a discount based on this. Ask your current motor trade or personal vehicle insurance company to provide you with a certificate of your no claims for a motor trade no claims insurance discount.